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Enterprise Activities of Yineng Group and Dahang Group

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On the afternoon of June 8th, Yineng Group and Dahang Group complemented each other and joined forces to jointly organize corporate ne

The host of the event was held by She Xiaocheng of Yineng Group and Zhang Ning of Dahang Group. Yineng Group is a national-level contract-honoring and credit-respecting enterprise, a high-tech enterprise, and a key cultivation enterprise for high-growth SMEs in Jiangsu Province. Dahang Group is a large state-owned enterprise in the city. It has four major plates including electric, micro-grid, energy-saving and environmental protection and urban construction.  After years of development, the company's products involve the entire industrial chain of engineering and electrical, and form a strategic partnership with internationally renowned electrical brands. At the same time, it has established a comprehensive partnership with the major aviation group.tworking activities.

Leaders attending this networking event include: Zhou Tao, Yang Xiangbin, Zhao Jun, Yan Jian, Wang Kuan, deputy general manager of Yineng Group; Sun Wei, Chen Wei, deputy general manager of Dahang Group, Zhang Mingjin, general manager of Dahang Intelligent Electric, both parties Leaders attach great importance to this joint activity.

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