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Tongchuan gold power plant

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Huaneng tongchuan power plant electric power bidding for China net for huaneng tongchuan power plant set up a substation, huaneng tongchuan power plant bidding, delivering the member units to provide timely convenient service, for huaneng tongchuan power plant bidding information be clear at a glance, to follow up the huaneng tongchuan power plant project progress in real time.Huaneng tongchuan power plant and China electric power bidding network to establish strategic cooperative partnership, welcome each supplier real-time attention huaneng tongchuan power plant bidding procurement project and its affiliates.Huaneng tongchuan power plant is located in shaanxi tongchuan city yao obviously PoTou Town, is located in the southwest of tongchuan district about 6 km, about 70 km from xi 'an.By huaneng group of huaneng power international development co., LTD., wholly owned construction, the first phase of a total installed capacity of 1.2 million kilowatts.

Huaneng tongchuan power plant first phase of construction of 2 x 600 mw domestic subcritical air cooling generators, synchronous construction of flue gas desulfurization device.Construction began on March 1, 2006, 2007 in November and December two units have been put into production.Boiler, steam turbine, generator, respectively by Harbin boiler factory, dongfang turbine co., LTD. And Oriental steam turbine generator co., LTD.

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