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Busbar Accessories - Plug Box


Compact busway system with sandwich structure , allowing maximum flexibility, ease of installation, and offers electrical efficiency in the distribution of low voltage power for both commercial and industrial applications. 

  • Lightweight and compact, modular design. 

  • Can be mounted vertically and horizontally, 1 to 10 tap-off unites per 3m straight length.  

  • True sandwich design prevents chimney effect and offer high short-circuit interrupting rating. 

  • High grounding performance, minimum magnetic flux leek.

  • Various ground and neutral options provide solutions.

  • Halogen free, Mylar EL polyester film is used for insulation which can meet 10kV per layer and heat-resisting can achieve Class B 130℃.

  • Electrostatic powder coating for housing, anti-corrosion and 1200H’s salt spray test is passed positively.

  • Low temperature rose and natural cooling.

  • Able to operate in high humidity, high salinity and high contamination level environment.  

We manufacture different brands with similar composition to meet your budget.

All may be altered to meet customers' requirements

Configuration3P3W, 3P4W, 3P5W,and 3P5W(enclosure as PE)
Ambient temperatureMax 40℃,daily average <35℃  
Level of protectionFeeder:IP66       Plug-in: IP54
Tightening torque of connector(Nm)68±7
Conductor materialCooper busbar with Tin plated, aluminum busbar with cooper and tin plated
Color of busway systemElectrostatic powder sprayed,RAL7035(light gray)
Tap-off point configuration1-10 ports can be set on the front and reverse side for the standard straight line section with the length of 3 meters
Rated isolating voltage Ui AC(V)1000
Rated operating voltage Ue AC(V)380~690
Rated frequency f(Hz)50/60
Busway system current(A)250~6300
Tap-off unit current(A)From 16A,up to 1600A
Contamination LevelⅢ/3

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