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Cable Tray-2


We offer a wide variety of cable trays with different material and finishing.  

Types of Cable Tray  

1.Ladder Type

2.Trough Tray - Perforated Bottom or Solid Bottom 

3.Wire Mesh 


5.Single Rail

Material Model Advantages
Steel XQJ · Electric Shielding  
· Finish Options
· Low Thermal Expansion
· Limited Deflection
Stainless Steel BQJ · Superior Corrosion Resistance 
· High Withstand Temp.
Aluminium Alloy LQJ · Corrosion Resistance  
· Easy Field Fabrication & Installation
· Excellent Strength to Weight Ratio
· Excellent Grounding Conductor
Refractory FQH · Heat Insulation
· Fire proof
· Corrosion resistance
Fiberglass BQH · Load Capacity of Steel 
· Non-conductive
· Non-magnetic
· Corrosion Resistant
· Light weighted
· Perfect for harsh environment

Finishing Spray Galvanized Spray
Zinc-nickel Plating Zinc-Spray
Appearance Excellent Good Excellent Moderate Excellent Excellent
Operating Environment Indoor
Normal Temp.
Outdoor; Outdoor
High Temp.
Outdoor Outdoor Outdoor
Corrosion Resistant No Low Low High High High
Life Span (yrs) 10 12 14 >40 >30 >30
Price Low Low High High High High


1.Combination Cable Tray


- Newest, 2ndary generation.

- Suitable for all project & unit.

- Simple, sturdy structure.

- Flexible disposition.

- Convenient installation.

-Available in trough, ladder, channel type or can be connected together. 

-Freely combined with all kinds of cable trays. 

*Suitable for indoor, outdoor and all environments. 

2. Large-span Cable Tray

-Larger supporting span and higher loading capacity. 

Width: 200mm - 800mm.

Height: 60mm - 150mm.

Length: 6000mm.

-Available in trough, ladder and channel. 

They are widely used in heavy corrosive environment to lay computer cables, communication cables, underground cables, thermocouple cables and other sensitive system control cables. As for the installation, large cable trays are combined with many accessories such as corbels, hangers and other fixations.

3. Cable Shafts

Suitable for vertical cable laying in various shafts. 

All accessories related to cable tray are offered at our firm.  

Please refer to in-house catalogue for parameters, structures, other technical and product information.    

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Widely used in the national grid, subway, petrochemical, automotive, telecommunications and other fields...

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