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ELG-12 Enclosed SF6 Ring Main Unit

  • max. to -35℃min. To +40℃.
  • daily average ≤95%, monthly ≤90%
  • < 2000m.

ELG-12 type SF6 all-insulation inflatable ring main unit is a new-generation modular switchgear with small size. 

It is provided with 6 unit modules in the same SF6 insulation gas cabinet. Each module has own function, capable of expanding at both sides and arranging at will according to different design plans, so as to achieve different configuration requirements.

  • It is free from environmental influence, condensation prevention, rime prevention, salt mist proof, dirt and corrosion resistance, UV-resistance, chemical substances prevention.Thus, can be used in poor environment;

  • All high voltage electric parts and switch elements are totally sealed in stainless steel gas tank filled with low-pressure SF6 gas, it has compact structure, achieving miniaturization, light weight and all insulation.

  • Modular design, various kinds of main wiring is achieved via different module combinations, and according to users demands, change the combination ways to form circuit switching system:

  • Silicone rubber connector is applied to achieve splicing of high voltage components and any extension of box body;

  • Full shield cable incoming and outgoing line;

  • Vacuum circuit breaker can be matched;

  • It is available to:

    match with high voltage monitoring components and integrated digital relay;

    match with high pressure measurement module;

    add remote control and monitoring unit;

    add over-current relay protection equipment;

  • It has strong flood control capacity, long service life, maintenance free and reduction of running cost;

Operating Condition

  • Ambient temperature:max. to -35℃min. To +40℃.

  • Relative humidity:daily average ≤95%, monthly ≤90%

  • Altitude: < 2000m.

  • Seismic capacity: 8, horizontal acceleration ≤0.4g;Vertical acceleration ≤0.2g;

Should not be used in fire, explosion or strenuous vibration.

*Please consult with manufacture for special condition and requirements. 

It complies with:

International standard:IEC60265 ,IEC60298 ,IEC60420 IEC60694 ,IEC60056 ,DIN47636

National standard:GB/T11022-1999 、GB3906-2006 GB3804-2004 、 GB16926-2009 GB/T11023-1999. GB1984-2003 GB1985-2004 、DL/T404-2007

Technical Parameters 

ItemUnitC ModuleF ModuleV Module
Load switchCombination applianceVacuum switchIsolation / grounding switch
Rated voltageKV12121212
Power frequency withstand voltageKV42424242
Lightning impulse withstand voltageKV95959595
Rated currentA630
Breaking capacityA

Closed loop breaking currentA630

Cable charging breaking currentA135

5% rated active load breaking currentA31.5

Ground fault breaking currentA200

Breaking current of cable charging during ground faultA115

Short circuit breaking currentKA

Closing abilityKA63
Short-time withstand current 2SKA25/-

Short-time withstand current 3SKA-/20
Mechanical lifetimes50005000100002000

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