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ENG Tubular Busduct


High Voltage Insulated Tubular Busduct

Available for voltages ranging from 15kV through 38kV, with ampere ratings up through 42,000A. Tubular busduct has the conductor for each phase in a separate metal enclosure. 

  • Low cost of operation.

  • Capacity to handle high current. 

  • Reduce losses in power transmission & distribution. 

  • Corrosion resistance.

  • Heat resistant. 

  • Electric-shock safety.

  • Good dissipation and low temperature rise. 

PTEE as the main insulating material with copper shield inside and high polymer insulation sheath outside. 

By new technology of semi-insulation and full-insulation can guarantee the personal safety and reliable operation on the system without the issue of short circuits caused by metal objects felling on the system. 

Generally applicable in:

1.Power plants - connecting the generator output to the main step-up transformer, provides high degree of reliability required for power generation facilities.

2.Transformer substation - connection from transformer to the busway of high voltage room and busway between high voltage service. 

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Widely used in the national grid, subway, petrochemical, automotive, telecommunications and other fields...

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