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ENGM Non-Segregated Busduct


High Voltage Non-Segregated Busduct

Non-segregated phase bus duct is available for voltages ranging from 600V through 35kV with current ratings up to 6000 Amps. It has all phase conductors in a common enclosure with an air space between phases, there are no metallic barriers between phase conductors of adjacent phases.  

1. The compact structure is easy for the multiform layout of products.

2. Screw joint and welding structures can be adopted between the sections, less maintenance and easy to install.

3. Double insulation can be adopted to improve the safety performance of products.

4. With aluminium or steal plate (with weak magnetic) as shell protection.

5. Conductors are mounted on custom molded fiberglass-reinforced polyester blocks or on post insulators. 

6. Conductors can be rectangle, groove or tubular in shape.

It is used for the connection between the circuit of station service, transformer substation, small hydroelectric generator and transformer.

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Widely used in the national grid, subway, petrochemical, automotive, telecommunications and other fields...

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