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ENJ Resin Casted Busbar


Epoxy insulated Design, covered by epoxy resin and multiple mineral insulation materials. 

Generally used in harsh and high-clean environment, indoor and outdoor in all weather and site conditions.

It is:

  • Fireproof;

  • Anti-corrosive;

  • Waterproof;

  • Explosive resistant - suitable in chemical, oil and gas industries;

  • Chemical, UV and tropical climate resistant.   

  • Totally maintenance-free joints.

  • Low voltage drop.High short circuit withstand capacity. 

  • Overload capacity of +20% for 2 hours. 

  • High mechanical impact strength.  

  • Self-extinguishing insulation. 

  • No grounding is required. 

Conversion elements are designed to join cast resin busway (outdoor) with sandwich busway (indoor), achieving the most flexible and highest performance outcomes whilst maintaining a low project cost. 

Technical Parameter 

Configuration3P3W, 3P4W, 3P5W
Ambient temperatureFrom -40℃ to +40℃,daily average <35℃
Relative humidityDaily <95%, monthly <90%
Seismic intensity≤class 8
Level of protectionIP68
Tightening torque of connector(Nm)80±8
Conductor material Tin plated copper busbar
Housing material Aluminium-magnesium alloy
Color of busway systemStone gray, rice yellow
Rated isolating voltage Ui AC(V)1000
Rated operating voltage Ue AC(V)1000
Rated frequency f(Hz)50/60
Busway system current(A)400~6300
Contamination levelⅢ/4

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Widely used in the national grid, subway, petrochemical, automotive, telecommunications and other fields...

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