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HXGN15-12 Air-insulated Ring Main Unit


XGN15-12 is the latest generation metal enclosed switchgear that use the SF6 load switch as main switch,the whole cabinet adopt air insulation.

Suitable for AC 50Hz, 15kV power system and widely used in industrial and civil cable ring network and electrical terminal as the acceptance and distribution of electricity. Especially suitable for urban residential distribution, small secondary sub-station, small opening and closing , industrial and mining enterprises, shopping malls,airport, subway, power stations, hospitals, 

  • Conform with IEC, DL/T and GB standards.

  • Protection Degree of IP3X. 

  • Compact design, flexible operation, ease installation with multiple interlocking.

  • Lightweight and flexible assembly scheme. 

  • Can be used in power distribution network automation system.

Compatible with main switches from different brands, such as SFG by ABB, SC6 and AS12 by Schneider and our own brand load switch.

XGN15-12 ring network cabinet adopt import coated alminium zinc plate processed into modular structure by CNC machine, protection grade reaches IP3X, and has reliable mechanical interlock function and prevent wrong operation.

Working Conditions

1.Ambient air temperature: -15℃~+40℃. Daily average temperature:≤35℃. 

2.Altitude: ≤1000m. 

3.Relative humidity : Daily average≤95% ,daily averange of vapour pressure≤2.2kpa Monthly average≤90%,monthly averange of vapour pressure≤1.8kpa. 

4.Earthquake intensity: ≤magnitude 8. 

5.Applicable in the places without corrosive and flammable gas.

Note: Customized products are available.

Load switchLoad switch + fuse
Rated current(Maximum voltage)KV3.6 、7.2 、12
Rated frequencyHZ50
Rated currentA630100
Rated short-time withstand currentKA20/
Rated peak withstand currentKA50/
Rated short circuit duration (main circuit / ground loop)S3/2/
Rated short circuit closing currentKA5080
Rated short-circuit breaking currentKA/31.5
Rated transfer currentA/1700
Rated power frequency withstand voltage(1min)InterphaseKV42
Fracture roomKV48
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltageFracture roomKV85
Auxiliary and control loop to ground short-duration power frequency withstand voltageKV2000
Protection levelVIP3X

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